Powerful Goverment Watchdog Group; CRE Issues Letter to the DEA

(from Susan Ash of the AKA) :

“Folks I will be on the road today but here are the recommendations the Center for Regulatory Effectiveness (CRE – www.thecre.com) sent in an awesome letter to the head of the DEA today. Someone did post the letter here in the group but I thought I’d summarize their asks. Our law firm will be sending a letter shortly as well. This is big news, this is a powerful organization, and it won’t make total sense unless you read the letter. Angela Ross can you make sure the letter goes in our files? OMB is our government’s Office of Management and Budget….

CRE is requesting that the DEA take the following actions, none of which prejudge the final status of Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine:

  1. Extend the effective date for placing kratom into schedule I until July, 1, 2017.
  2. Open a Federal Register notice-and-comment proceeding on placing kratom into Schedule I and inform the public that the DEA’s proposal is a “significant regulatory action” under Executive Order 12866 because it,

a) Has an annual effect on the economy of $100 million or more or

b) Creates a serious inconsistency with an action taken by another agency, FDA, orc) Raises novel legal and policy issues arising out of legal mandates.

  1. Submit the proposed listing to OMB for review pursuant to Executive Order 12866.
  2. Inform the US-Canada Regulatory Cooperation Council (RCC) via OMB of DEA’s intent to place kratom on schedule I and seek its comments.
  3. Conduct an interagency peer review of DEA’s science which lead to a Schedule I listing of kratom as required by the HISA requirements of the Data (Information) Quality Act.”

This is great new for Kratom activism. The Center for Regulatory Effectiveness is a POWERFUL government watchdog group formed by former White House officials.

We may win this battle yet. Keep up the fight!

Libertarian Party Chair Speak Out Against DEA’s Move on Kratom

“It is especially critical to keep alternatives like these open to our nation’s veterans, who are committing suicide at an appalling rate of 22 per day, many of them desperate for mental health services or pain management from overburdened and poorly managed VA health services. We have already failed our veterans in so many ways.”

DEA Forced to Acknowledge Kratom Advocates

The DEA recently sent out a tweet in response to the huge amount of calls they have been receiving. If you want kratom to stay legal, then keep it up! Lets make them listen.

Keep calling and letting them know how you feel about it:

202 307 1000 ext 4